Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Remember the Regency Project I started months ago? Well I finally pulled it out again and finished the bodice a couple weeks ago and finally last night attached the bodice to the skirt. So, here it is so far!
It was originally going to be a drawstring bodice but I decided last minute I didn't want it to be...what to do with all that extra fabric at the neckline then? Tucks! And I added embroidery:

I could have had it done by now if I hadn't been such a silly goose and decided to hand sew the entire thing. :P But I think the worst of it is's nearly done, unless I decide to go crazy on the trim at the hem...which I just might!

But today I must set it aside and get back to my Civil War sewing. I've already got the bodice of a dress entirely cut out and partly sewn together...I just need to stick to it and it will be done in no time! I'm thinking of adding a scalloped epaulet at the top of the sleeve like the one on Meg' dress in Little women:

Isn't that pretty? :)

I've made a deal with myself that if I get the bodice finished today...maybe I can start a "Maid Marian" project this weekend. Oooh....I better get to sewing!


  1. Gorgeous dress!

    How do you prioritize your projects? Do you just work on whatever you want to or do you schedule days to work on certain things?

  2. Thanks Sarah! :)

    Hmm...I TRY to make a schedule of what I must sew and sometimes it works...but I usually end up doing what I feel like. I find it's good to have an even balance something I should do and then let myself have some fun and be creative doing what I feel like. I don't think it's good to crush the creativity of new ideas out all together! ;)But I do stick to what I set out to do and make myself finish it..eventually. ;) haha

  3. hai
    i like the sleeves..Middle Ages inspired???..and you decided to hand sew the entire thing???..ooh my god..that does not work for me yet..i would be verry impatient..hihi

  4. It's a beauitful dress! I love the stiching. I love the little women dres...

  5. how lovely! I'm jealous you have so much time for sewing. it's been too long since I've done any. I always loved that dress of Megs by the way, can't wait to see yours :)

  6. Very beautiful!

    The embroidery and tucks are very sweet.



  7. Thank you all for the compliments! :)

    mijndroomhuisje: I found the sleeve idea on a Regency pellise in the book Patterns of Fashion 1 by Janet Arnold (great book!)



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