Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBC Robin Hood Character Costume Study Season 1 Part 4- Annie

Annie Costume Study
Robin Hood Season One
Even though Annie is only in one episode, I thought her costume was noteworthy! (as is pretty much every costume in this series, in my opinion!) And I thought with all these posts about the boys we could use some femininity! ;)
Annie is a kitchen maid in Nottingham castle so her dress is simple but it's so pretty. :)

There is an under dress of a solid greenish fabric which appears to be in a basic medieval style and then a overdress made of a light grey fabric with patterned lines throughout it.

Laces on the side from armhole to around the hip:
In this picture you can see the stripes across the bodice:

The neckline is trimmed with little yellow flowered trim, so cute!

The sleeves are 3/4 length and are trimmed with the same trim as the neckline and it almost looks like gingham?
Annie is played by a lovely actress called Joanna Horton.
I'd love to make a dress similar to hers one of these days. I just love the overdress with the side laces. :)


  1. Some of her dresses remind me of Eowyn's dresses. So very lovely.

  2. So beautiful...
    I love this over dress too!
    I also thought of Eowyn when I saw her. =]
    I think I am in love with all the peasant-y clothes right now. They are just so... real looking. =]
    Good Job Anna!

  3. I thought this actress was so pretty, and that is a lovely dress. I never noticed the detailing before. Thanks for thinking to include her!

  4. Leah, does rather remind me of Eowyn as well. :) I hadn't thought of that.

    Marguerite, aren't peasant clothes the best? I love how rough and worn they look. :)

    Lissawi, I agree, she's so pretty! It's funny because after doing this costume study I was watching an episode in Season 2 and the character Beatrice (in episode 7) wears the same dress. I might do another post about it when I get to Season 2 since there were a lot better shots of the dress. :)I thought it was funny that they re-used the dress, but only a costume fanatic like me would notice that. ;)



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