Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Dorrit Finale

Well, what did you all think of the final episode of Little Dorrit? I thought it was wonderful. :) If you didn't get a chance to watch it, you can still see it online HERE or buy it on DVD HERE.
A lot of work went into the costumes...I thought they were amazing. My absolute favorite though, I think, was Amy's simple dress and apron:

And then I'm in love with the men's wardrobe as well. Nothing quite so dashing as cravats. :)
Everything from the acting to the cinematography and score is stunning. This production was so well done. I'm a little sad it's over but at least now I can get it on DVD and watch it straight through with out having to wait a week to know what happens next. Even though there is some fun in that. :)


  1. Oh, wasn't it just beautiful?!! I'm not in America, so of course I couldn't see it on PBS, but I watched the finale online a couple of weeks ago. I was bawling my eyes out all through the last half hour or so! Can't wait to get it on DVD. :-D

    And I agree, I thought Claire Foy's costumes were lovely - and Matthew MacFadyen looked dashing, as always! ;-)


  2. Yes yes yes, I loved this movie too! I am so sad it's over. However I was ready for the odd French guy to die, he was really creepy!

    Now I want to read the book :)

  3. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I haven't been able to watch the last episode yet but I can't wait! Their outfits are so fabulous! I love Amy's dresses the most, they are so simple and feminine yet not so flashy and frilly like Fanny's. Her character is so amazing and she is such a lady even though everybody else says that she is failing. She is a true lady. I'm really going to have to buy this video. :)

  4. The costumes were really good. Particularly the menswear gave me some great ideas. No Spoilers though! I haven't seen the last episode yet, its still waiting on my TIVO!

  5. I watched it online last night and LOVED it. I was glad that the ending didn't dissapoint, since I feel like lots of the Charles Dickens stories do. I did have a few moments of wishing things didn't fly so fast, but it was altogether well done.

    BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Fanny's makeup! I don't know HOW Mrs. General would have let her wear her face like that. And she looked so pretty without it! :(

    The Old Curiosity Shop is on TV next, but my sister and I are ready to use this weekly movie time to watch something else. ;)

  6. Hi just kinda stumbled into your wonderful blog!
    Could I ask a question, do you know what style the mens jackets are in little dorrit, the lower class men, as in the photo you have below the cravat comment.
    I do agree everything I seen of it was stunning!

  7. I'm glad you've all enjoyed Little Dorrit, I hope those of you who haven't finished it have gotten to see the end by now. :) It all comes together rather quickly but I think I got the gist of it. I'm reading the book right now and it explains a lot of things that they weren't able to explain in the film.

    Fee, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm not absolutely certain of the name for the jackets, I know the one Matthew MacFadyen is wearing on the right is called a "great coat" or "coachman's coat" I think. It's similar to this:

    The other men appear to be wearing frock coats like this:

    I'm quite in love with their styles. I love how worn they look.

  8. Have you seen the Legend of the Seeker? I think the dresses that the Confessor wears are quite pretty! Just wondering if you've seen them? I love your blog and have been following it for quite some time!



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