Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monster In Law Fashion

It's not very often that I watch a 21st century film that I stop and go, 'I want to wear that' when the actress appears on the screen. But in Monster In Law...I fell for Jennifer Lopez's colorful style. I love the bright colors and how she always has some kind of flowers or something in her hair.

This poncho is super cute:
Don't you love this summery eyelet
skirt with her colorful t-shirt?
I love this wrap around dress/tunic/shirt, the colors are amazing. I think she's wearing it over jeans. I'd probably make the neckline higher or wear something underneath...bit too plunging for me. But it's still super cute:
I love this pink dress:
Another really cute dress (might be a shirt, I need to watch the movie again to see for sure)
I love all the flowers in her hair. :)
She's even cute in her hoodie and sweats:
Jenalyn's Creations on Etsy made a really cute replica of one of the necklaces she wears. Check it out HERE. (she's currently on vacation but will be back!)
There. Maybe that will inspire me to go make something summery today. :)


  1. I loved her clothes also. It was vintage but, modern at the same time. Very cute.

  2. I agree with Pink Peony...I loved the vintage/modern style. Love it!

  3. Mmm...I didn't think of that, your right it really is a vintage modern mix. :) No wonder I love it so much! :)

  4. So true. LOVE the clothes for Jennifer Lopez in Monster In-Law. Great blog by the way... :)

  5. I love the white top that almost looks like a dress but can be worn with jeans anyone know what that type of shirt is called



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