Wednesday, April 1, 2009


(yikes, I wrote this a few days ago and forgot to post it! Well, here it is anyway!)

I'm up to my elbows in Civil War sewing at the moment. I've almost finished hand sewing my chemise which I will be posting about soon and I'm getting ready to start a dress.

I've been watching clips of Cold Mountain on YouTube which has seriously got me in the mood for the sewing task ahead of me. I'm in love with the costumes in that film. :) (Though I still haven't plucked up the courage to watch the whole thing yet)

I can't stop staring at this dress:
I'm also plotting to make one of these:

So pretty and cozy looking. :) Would be spledid for reenacting in the rain, don't you think? But I'm already working on a cardigan so we'll see. :)

Alright...I'm off to sew some more. :)


  1. It looks like you're gonna have your hands full with beauitful creations!! I can't wait to see them all...

  2. I just love sewing white things, they are so crisp and clean. Your picture is beautiful.

    Could you tell me what movies those pictures are from? Especially the one with Kiera Knightley, her dress is beautiful.

  3. Heidi, the picture of Nicole Kidman is from the movie 'Cold Mountain' and the picture of Keira Knightley is from the movie 'Silk'. I haven't seen either of the movies but the costumes are amazing! :)At least, I love them anyway. ;)

  4. Yes, today is my sewing day as well. What movie is that with Kiera Knightly?

  5. Oh! Never mind! I just saw your answer.

  6. That's a beautiful gown from Cold Mountain! I'm hoping to start sewing a whole civil war wardrobe soon so I really enjoy reading your civil war posts as well as all of them! The wrap is really cute too! What movie is that from?

  7. Oops! I guess I should of read the other comments first! I haven't seen Silk either. Wonder if it's good....

  8. Love that cardigan! It would look so cute over a modern dress too.

    Does anyone else think that K. Knightly looks just like Winona Ryder in that picture? That's amazing.


  9. Oh, Genevieve I didn't even think of that! Would be so cute as modern wear! Now even more reason why I should figure out how to make one! :)
    She does kinda look like Winona Ryder, doesn't she? hmmm...funny. :)

  10. anna have you started making that sweater??!?! I want to make one SO badly and would LOVE a pattern if you've developed one!!

  11. Tessa Marie: Goodness, I almost forgot about this sweater! I haven't made it yet but now that I'm reminded I might have to try it out one of these days. If I come up with a pattern I'll be sure to let you know!
    ~Anna Kristine



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