Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organizing Ribbon :)

I've decided to try and take one thing a day in my sewing room to organize rather than keep trying to tackle to entire room at once and so today I decided to organize all our bits of ribbon. We had about 3 boxes and two bags of jumbled mess which I was basically able to fit into one box. Don't you love that? :)

I made cards to wind the ribbon that wasn't on spools. I got the idea from THIS awesome and inspiring post.
I put some of the random spools and little pieces too small to wind around a card in a little box that fit nicely into the bigger box with the cards of ribbon:
And all the spools in another box:

Which fits just right into the bigger box. :)

It may not be the best organizing plan, but it works great for now. Feel so good to have that jumbled mess gone. Now I just might have to make something with ribbon trim on it. :)


  1. And they look so beautiful all lined up! Great job.

  2. Good organizing! I love looking at ribbons.

  3. mmm...
    organization. It's a beautiful thing.



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