Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who knew...

That eyelets don't make themselves?
Well, I finally got all my things out today and finished the eyelets on the Regency Short stays for a lovely customer. They are now done. *sigh* I love that word. Done done done done. Okay.

Other than that I've been finishing the mittens for my friends...maybe I should say they are Valentines gifts instead of Christmas? Oh wait...that's already past.
I'm also writing up another knitting pattern for fingerless gloves. I seriously love writing patterns. If only I could figure out the PDF file thing. I still haven't got it. But once I do, there will probably be lots of patterns to share. :)
Hope you've all had a good week so far!
~Anna Kristine


  1. how lovely. :) and done is a wonderful word isn't it. I really need to make my short stays one of these days...if only life would allow for time to sit and sew or knit and any number of things my selfish heart desires!

  2. Lovely!! Try this link to convert any file to a PDF:

  3. i love your blog btw. your short stays look really pretty in that pic. very professional :0) to make a pdf all you have to do is go into word and type your pattern. click print and in that pop up box one of the options is "print to pdf" or something like that. click that and it will put the pdf right on your desk top :0) good luck!

  4. Pretty! Can't wait till my regency petticoat is done! I'm sooo close!
    I had such fun today! Thanks for coming over! It was genuine!



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