Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Costume Challenge: ~January~ Georgiana Darcy Regency Gown

I finished my first month of costuming for my 2012 Challenge! This is a costume that has been in my project box for a very long time. Mainly because I outgrew it so I had no motivation to finish it. But I decided I would go ahead and finish it, one day soon it will go into my Etsy shop.
As I was working on this Regency dress, I thought about who it reminded me of...and I kept coming back to Georgiana Darcy. Although I'm sure if it really was her dress it wouldn't be made of cotton and would probably be much more grand. But something about the soft cream color made me think of her. are the photos...I am in great need of a better camera...and some skill! So, sorry for the not so great photos. :P
 The sleeves on this dress are detachable so it's perfect for winter or summer!
Back View:
  I used shell buttons for the back closure and the sleeves.
On to February's costume...maybe I can get a bit of a head start! :)
How are some of your challenges coming?


  1. Beautiful! I agree that it looks like Georgiana. :o) It's very sad that you can't wear it, but you did a lovely job anyway!

  2. It's gorgeous, and totally reminds me of Georgiana!

  3. Very pretty! I love the look of detachable sleeves on Regency gowns; I'd like to try them someday.

  4. Oohhoo!
    It's so pretty Anna!! I am inspired!

  5. I LOVE the back details of this dress! Way to finish early! :)



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