Monday, January 2, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror (the retelling of Snow White) yesterday and I have to admit...I kind of want to see it. I love fairy tales and I think Julia Roberts looks really funny in this. But the main reason I want to see it is for the costumes.
 They look incredible with a lot of detail!
 Some of them are over the top...but it's a fairy tale and besides...that's what is so fun. :)

The queen's costumes look amazing, just what a vain queen's wardrobe ought to look like.

I think this costume is amazing:

The Prince is played by Armie Hammer:

Hmm...I can't wait to see it. Sean Bean is also cast as the king but I can't find pictures anywhere.


  1. My husband showed me the trailer for this! I want to see it too. I love Julia Roberts. The costumes do look absolutely amazing! I know I will be taking some inspiration from them.

  2. Looks really neat! Do you know if its been given a rating yet? I always have such a hard time finding it.

  3. I'm not sure of the rating...I assumed it was PG since it looks like a family film...but now you mention it I can't find a rating either so who knows.

  4. Wow! Those costumes are wild! I love the one where she's in the princes arms. The black corset thing with blue underneath. Pretty!


  5. Oh MY, Genevieve! the one in the princes arms?? heavens!

    HA HAAA! Looks neat. Those costumes look as though they were constructed out of paper! They're stiff AND soft. ;)
    love you, honey!

  6. PS. I love that yellow cape. It calls my name.



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