Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Treasure Island

There is a new Treasure Island airing on television this year starring several familiar faces! And it looks like lots of fun pirate costumes!
 Elijah Wood plays Ben Gunn, you can watch an interview with him here about playing his character. Love these plaids!
 The movie also stars Rupert Penry-Jones (Captain Wentworth in the 2007 Persuasion) as Squire Trelawney.
 The costumes look very detailed and incredible.
 Donald Sutherland plays Flint.
And Keith Allen (the Sheriff in BBC Robin Hood) is playing Pew.
I'm excited to see it! I'm not sure when it's coming out, I think it may be playing on television in England or already have played there. I hope it comes to the US soon!
Also here is the trailer.
Makes me want to read the book again! I do love a good pirate movie!


  1. This looks so good! I also recognize Phillip Glenister from Horatio Hornblower. Looks like an amazing cast. :-D

  2. Yay! All these actors that I love!

  3. Oh, looks good! The cast looks awesome and I just adore the book!

  4. I saw this series already. It was different from the book in ways, but still good. The costumes are fun though :)

  5. Ha ha ha!!! I almost exploded when I saw that first pic with Elijah Wood! Ha! He's such an "infant phenomenon"! Not that that means I don't like him.. cause I do. =]
    Yeah, I thought I saw "Stiles" (from Hornblower) in there! Looks like fun!



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