Monday, January 9, 2012

Diary of a Wedding Dress: Part 2

The last post I did on my wedding dress progress wasn't anywhere near where I ended up. I didn't use any of the motifs I made. My original plan was to create a netting overlay to give my dress that dreamy floating look, but once I got there I thought it was too much and went back to the basics of the dress. In the end all I ended up doing was adding straps and a sash and taking up the hem. I think it had enough detail already and I liked the simplicity of it.
Here is a front view of the dress before I added the sash and straps. It's in the process of being hemmed here.
Back view: the buttons down the back and the way the back splits open are what made me fall in love with this dress! I don't think I got any pictures of it bustled up but it looks amazing bustled. It reminds me of a ball gown from the late 1800's when it's bustled.
 While sewing a wedding dress one must watch Disney princess movies! While hemming we watched Tangled. I adore this movie!
The hem had all these beautiful beaded lace motifs...which had to be carefully taken off and hand sewn back on.
 But I am a very lucky princess...I have fairies you see...they helped me. :)

 Here is the strap and sash mock up out of muslin:
 And now on to pictures of the finished dress on my wedding day! All pictures from here on are by Marina Koslow.
 The sash and straps were made out of a piece of vintage satin a lady gave me awhile ago. Upon furthur inspection the the scrap of fabric I realized it was a panel from a vintage wedding still had the button loops on it and everything! So that is my something old. :)

And there is is! I loved how it turned out which I am so glad...there was a point I was afraid I wouldn't and you can't have that when it's your own wedding dress! In case any of you are curious about the designer it's an Alfred Angelo dress, and yes that's the same company that makes the Disney princess wedding dresses. :)
Looking back, as fun as it would have been to make my dress starting from scratch, I'm so glad I didn't. Planning a wedding is stressful enough and I also made 6 of the 9 bridesmaid dresses so it would have been overload! And besides...this dress was perfect. :)
More on the bridesmaid dresses later this week!


  1. What an absolutely stunning dress!! An incredible job - well done!

  2. Anna You did so splendidly on this dress. It's stunning. Tangled is the awesomest movie to watch while sewing on a wedding dress. "I think you should know, this is the strangest thing I have ever done!"
    hee hee!
    love "the younger" of your faeries ;)

  3. It's so beautiful!!! You did an amazing job, and looked wonderful. :o)



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