Monday, June 22, 2009

Amanda Beth Fashion Week- Day 2

Today the sun is shining! (sorry Amanda) I just love the bright blue sky and the nice warm breeze. I thought I'd do my photo shoot outside today.

What I'm Wearing:

Black tank-Old Navy
Grey and White striped shirt-GAP
Denim Skirt-GAP
Leggings-former tights from who knows wear that I cut the feet off of. (Thanks Samantha for teaching me that trick!)
Mary Jane Sequin Shoes-Sketchers (these are the best shoes for walking in! And they're super cute. :)
Necklace-Wet Seal, gift
Watch-Quarts from Target
Leafy Ring-Accessorize in London
Jingle Anklet-Gift from the "jingle club". ;) (love you girlies!)

I was telling my mum today how my style is more like a wandering gypsy than a fashionable lady. (other than the days I'm in plain old jeans and t-shirts) I had to try really hard to look half way normal for you today...haha But maybe one of these days I'll go all out and show you how crazy my style can be. ;)
What I believe about fashion though is you should wear what you love and are comfortable in. Because then you'll be the most relaxed and yourself and look your greatest. It's good to take ideas from the fashion world and twist it into your own unique style. But then...that's coming from the wandering maybe you shouldn't listen to me. ;)
Hope your all having a fabulous day!


  1. Very cute skirt! And I love those kind of shoes too. ;)

  2. "What I believe about fashion though is you should wear what you love and are comfortable in. Because then you'll be the most relaxed and yourself and look your greatest."

    Very beautifully said! And I do hope you'll share you're inner gypsy all-out sometime this week. ;)

  3. I am having a fabulous day! thank you very much..:) "You look fabulous, darling! you will die!" My style today is rather a scary one! I am COVERED in dirt and grass clippings from mowing the lawn. My hair looks like i just got it out of the blender. and All the dirt on my face makes me look like i have a five o-clock shadow..:) heh heh SCA-RY! But YOU look very pretty today! I need a bath. And I wish you would show them what you look like when you wear your 'gypsie-love' outfits! There so fun! You know one of these days you should put on a costume of some kind... I have wanted to dress up SO badly as of late! ugh! I would do this fashion week with you all but I'm afraid it would be a lot of pajamas and 'workin' outside' clothes! And they ain't to pretty neither.:D Its a silly life!
    Good day,

  4. I'm a bit late coming to you here, but love your blog. I'm a massive fan
    of period and costume clothing (esp. regency style) and only wish I had the needlework skills to recreate any of it...

    I would love to see you dressed in your choice of clothes exactly how you're happiest. As far as I'm concerned, style blogging isn't about being trendy or fashionable, the whole point is that you wear exactly what you love and show how it works on you. The beauty of the new blog-based movement is that styles and trends are no longer generic - everything is entirely personal! So, where most people feel over-dressed in dresses I'm a dress addict - but hopefully manage to make mine look day-to-day appropriate.

    Sorry for the essay - next time I'll write a shorter comment, prmoise!



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