Monday, June 22, 2009

Gisborne vs. Thornton and a Pretty Dress

I've been watching season 3 of Robin Hood (which I'm not that big a fan of I'm sorry to say) and just have one episode to go to the's got me really aching to watch North and South and see Richard Armitage in the role of a gentleman again. He's SO good as Guy of Gisborne but I can't help preferring him as Mr. Thornton. Obviously, since it's the good guy vs. the bad guy. ;) But I think the 1840's suits him better than Medieval anyway.
I just love those high collars and cravats. I'm seriously going to make some for my shop one day. We need more Mr. Thornton's in this world. :)
However...if I put North and South's going to make me want this dress of Margret's again:
Isn't it gorgeous? Though I think I love all her dresses in this movie. I think this is one of my favorite eras. (among many) I love it so much better than Civil War. I like the longer waists and narrower skirts.
But oh I'm reminded of that Civil War dress I need to finish...hmm...maybe I'll pull that out this week. See what a horrid procrastinator I am? I only have a few days left to keep busy on my sewing projects and then I'll be out of town for a week and I might not be able to blog while I'm gone. But I'll be taking a few projects with me so hopefully I'll have something to show you when I return! :)


  1. OHHHhhh!!! North and South-- I love it!!! :-D I didn't realize there was a soundtrack CD for it... :-P
    I love Margaret's dresses too. I like the one you posted about, and her green striped one at the end. The teal vest is really cute too. :-) I love 'em all actually. :-)
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your Civil War dress! :-)
    ~Melanie A. from the forum

  2. Glad to see I am not the only one who absolutely loves Margaret's dresses!
    I'm not one of those people who see something and can recreate it. SO I just longingly wish that some one would put them out in pattern for those of us who sew.
    I didn't know there was a sound tract either. I love the music!
    I haven't seen The third season of Robin Hood yet.
    But I must say after seeing the other two, I do prefer Richard Armitage as a Mr Thornton!
    Keep the interesting posts coming, and looking forward to seeing more of your sewing!

  3. I've only watched a little of Robin Hood but I do prefer him as Thornton. North and South is one of my favorite mini-series ever. I'm looking forward to seeing anything new that you make.

  4. Oh, yes, you must make a N & S dress. Priority. Perhaps you should assign someone to bug you about it so you don't put it off too long. :)

  5. Elinor, I love that striped dress she wears too! And the vest! I honestly can't think of one dress she wears that I don't like. ;) They're all so lovely!

    Holly, I know! I'm not very good at figuring patterns out from scratch...but one day I hope to be able to draft patterns like these. Then maybe I'll send you one. ;)

    Reading through life, Isn't it an amazing series? It's definately at the top of my list of favorites

    Molly, haha! That's exactly what I need! Some one to bug me...;)

  6. Guy? Mr. Thornton?...hmm. i don't think its a very hard choice! I LOVE Mr. Thornton! he's the best! I suppose all guys look better in a black suit and cravat. Not black leather, mind. I do so like leather. Only in sort of small quantities.. ha haaa Guy just cracks me up!
    love ya!

  7. Aimee, I love leather too! Don't you love Guy's new costume in season 3? Actually...all the guys have more leather now...I love Allans' cuff things.'s too early for me to think what they are called.
    But yeah...Guy is hilarious..."I'm your boy" haha

  8. Hahaha! Funny you should post about N&S...I've watched it for the first time last week...and then again last night. Love it. Thornton is THE MOST AMAZING GUY EVER. Totally amazing. So. ;-)I also adored Margaret's dresses...although I didn't notice them until the second viewing...the only person I noticed the first time 'round was dear Mr. T... ;-)

  9. Alexandra, haha! I probably didn't notice the dresses the first time either...but isn't it the best film??? I agree...I'm not sure if it gets better than Mr. Thornton! ;)



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