Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obsessions of the Week

Well, this will most likely be my final post for the next week as I'm off to visit some friends.
Sorry I didn't finish the Fashion Week, my days got too crazy and by the end of them I wasn't in any shape to take photos! But thanks for putting this on Amanda! It was fun! :)
I thought before I went, though, I would share some of my obsessions of the week. Every day there is something new, or old, that inspires me. If only I could create as fast as I'm inspired! ;)

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Padme's Picnic Dress

I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw this movie in the theater but I'd almost forgotten about it. I just ran across pictures of it the other day I was so re-inspired by it. I can't stop staring at the delicate details and the ribbon wrapped sleeves. :)
Hair Styles

I can't get over this amazing hairstyle:

I'm a bit obsessed with random braids and these are so cool! I would love to try this hair style for one of my costume photo shoots or something. :)

Also, how inspiring is this? Padme wears her hair like this when she is at the lake. It's so clever her hair would look like a shell. :) I'm in love with the sketch.

There were many more things that inspired me this week but those are probably the top few.
I've also pulled out my Elizabeth Swann corset this week and I'm really close to having all the boning finished! But it will have to be set aside until I return.
Until then...have a fabulous week!


  1. Thanks for sharing your obsessions, it's fun to see what inspires people.

    I like the braids too. My hair is getting really long and I want to cut it, but it is just now long enough that it can be braided. What to do?!?!

  2. Hi! I arrive here through a link on AmandaBeth Online. You are a good seamstress. If you'd like, drop by my blog.

  3. I have always loved these. So beautiful. I especially love the concept sketches :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sorry for the deleted comment! My mom was signed in too!

    The girl in the second set of pictures is from a different movie right? Because she certainly wasn't in Star Wars. I really liked Padme too! Natalie Portman is a favorite actress.

  6. Bria, yeah that's a different movie. :)

  7. which movie is it? its mischa barton, right?



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