Saturday, June 20, 2009

BBC Character Costume Study Season 2 Part 1- Carter

Carter Costume Study
Robin Hood Season 2

I thought I'd start of my Season 2 costume studies with Carter because I think his costume is pretty awesome...however if you haven't seen Season 2 and don't want any spoilers then you might not want to go any further as some pictures might give some things away about Carter's character. I've cropped most images though to help not give everything away. ;) But I just wanted to warn you...

Main Outfit
Carter wears a chain mail shirt with a black jerkin over it. The jerkin has leather strips across the front that buckle in the center front:

Chain mail bunches out around his neck over his tunic...perhaps this is a hood?
I couldn't find a very good picture of the back but it looks like it's the same as the front with the leather strips minus the buckles:

Black trouser and knee high boots:
Strip of fabric for a gag:
Gag about his neck:
Holy Land Soldier
Tunic made of what looks like linen or some natural fiber. Whatever it is it's awesome and lays beautifully! The England cross is on the front of his long tunic and the royal symbol patch is on the left side of his chest:
Tunic splits in front (and probably back) for ease in walking and riding: (oh and fighting!)
Cape closes with twisted cording attached with little bits of leather that form a loop:
Cape is really long:

England cross is also on the left side of his cape:
Hood drapes down into a full point and you can see his chain mail hood coming out over it:
Here you can see chain mail sleeves under his tunic:
And that's it for Carter...short and sweet but I think his costumes are awesome! Now I've got to decide who to do next... Season 2 is going to be fun! I love this season. :)


  1. Carter! I love Carter! His outfits are very neat too! I like the hood on his 'holy land cape'. I dont think i had noticed it before.:) Also, his chain mail is fabo-fabo! I want to try to make chain mail some time with me? ;) Love and stuff!

  2. Hi Anna! Great post! Carter is awesome! I forgot what his first costume looked like... very cool!



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